Seeking Fellow Adventurers

CR birding group'16.jpgwelcome to the journeys classifieds!

If you want an adventure but don't want to travel alone, this is the spot for you. The trips listed below have one or more people who are also looking for travel companions. These aren't our only group trips, though; there are plenty more where these came from. 

2017 Trips

2018 Trips

  • January 14, Thai-Lao Treasures: Join three women in their 40's and 50's on this NEW adventure, an experience of all things sacred in Thailand and Laos.
  • February or March (flexible dates), Highlights of Southeast Asia: A single female in her late 60's would like to take this trip with a group, and is looking for people to join her. Let us know if you are interested in helping her form a group!
  • March 19, Bhutan Black Mountain Trek: A male/female couple (World History teacher Coco Rae and her husband) in their 40's is looking for others to join them on this fabulous trek. 
  • March 31, Mexico: Yucatan Family Adventure: Bring your grandchild on the perfect spring break trip! You'll be joining a grandma and her 12-year-old grandson on a cultural and active exploration of rarely-visited parts of Mexico.
  • July 27, Indonesia: Apes, Arts, and Dragons: Join two single women in their 60's and 70's 2 single women who are 60 and 76 but since that's quite an age gap, maybe we could focus on the "deal" that we're offering instead?
  • August 27, Silk Road Through the StansA couple in their late 60's would love your company exploring the frontiers of Central Asia on this three-week, five-country adventure.