Seeking Fellow Adventurers

CR birding group'16.jpgwelcome to the journeys classifieds!

If you want an adventure but don't want to travel alone, this is the spot for you. The trips listed below have one or more people who are also looking for travel companions. These aren't our only group trips, though; there are plenty more where these came from. 

2017 Trips

  • August 17, Family-Friendly Japan: Grandparents are taking their 14-year-old grandson on this family-focused tour of Japan and hope that another family or two will join them. 
  • August 18, Primates and Parrots in Uganda and Rwanda: A mom in her 50's and her daughter are exploring Africa to celebrate her daughter's college graduation. They would love for others to join them! 
  • September 6, Papua New Guinea's Classic Goroka Show Tour: Two single women in their 60's are looking for traveling companions!
  • September 14, Tracing the Ancient Silk Route: World History teacher Coco Rae will lead this trip that traces history along China's ancient Silk Route. 
  • September 24, Madagascar: Lemurs! Lemurs!: This trip is sure to be a blast! Meet lemurs, lemurs and more lemurs when you join a well-traveled male/female couple in their 60's, three women in their 70's and 80's, plus Marketing Director / Adventure Specialist Sally Grimes.
  • September 27 - October 14, Exploratory African Adventure: A single well-traveled woman in her 60's is going on her dream adventure, a custom trip that begins with volcanoes, tribes, and camping in Ethiopia and ends with gorilla trekking in Uganda and Rwanda, with plenty of adventure in between. She is looking for another hardy traveler or two to join her on this African exploration. Email for itinerary details. 
  • September 29, Fall Festivals of Bhutan: Join three men (in their late 40's and 60's) and one woman (in her 40's) on this trip featuring the Great Paro Tsechu Buddhist celebration.
  • October 2, Silk Road through the Stans: World history teacher Coco Rae is leading this trip, which has two female friends in their 70's signed up. They're hoping others will join them!
  • October 2, Discover South Korea: A single female in her 80's is looking for traveling companions on this intimate, guided exploration of modern wonders and traditional culture. 
  • October 8, Best of Iceland's Fire and Ice: Two male/female couples in their 60's are hoping for a bigger group to join them on the recently reworked and improved exploration of Iceland. 
  • October 12, Trekking to Petra: A woman in her 70's is looking for other active participants to join her on this exciting trek. 
  • October 27, Mexico: Day of the Dead in Michoacán: A male/female couple in their early 70's is eager to witness this extraordinary tradition with you. 
  • December 15, Cultural and Animal Encounters in Uganda & Rwanda: Two single women (late 40's / early 50's), including Adventure Specialist Kerina Rowley, are excited to explore Uganda and Rwanda on this NEW adventure. Won't you join them?

2018 Trips